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Seniors: Your Caregiver Can Help You Enjoy Summertime Activities

Jul 2, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

Do not waste the summer sitting indoors. Enjoy the sunshine in a safe manner. Getting outside each day will refresh your brain, you will get a new view of the world and you may hear the beautiful sounds of Mother Nature. If you are not able to set up an area outside, have your caregiver create a seating area that will keep you shaded from the hot mid-day sun. When setting up this area, they should also make sure there is a clear walking path for you to maneuver to and from the house to enjoy your summer space.


Early morning walks or early evening strolls are another great summer activity. Having a companion like your caregiver or family member to spend this precious time with you will be memorable. You will talk about these walks in winter months ahead. If walking is not possible, have your personal care assistant take you for a stroll with a wheelchair as you explore the neighborhood and meet and greet neighbors.


Some communities have commune gardens. If you are agile enough to garden, this may be a fun activity to partake in. It is not just about growing your own vegetables, but growing them and preparing meals together with your caregiver who may assist with planting, sowing, and harvesting. The cooking and eating of the bounty is one more summer activity in which to engage.


Summer concerts are also popular among the senior population. If transportation is an issue, the caregiver often is available for transportation to and from this event. Often they will join you as well, being your companion and guide and bringing you together with your other friends. The caregiver may be your lifeline to a fun-filled summer.

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