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Create a Hobby and Sharing Time with Home Care Providers

Jul 9, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

Hobbies can feed our souls. Too often we do not give ourselves the luxury of enjoying the things we like to do. We are too busy working or caring for someone, or making up excuses why we cannot do what we want to do. However, as senior citizens, we have the time to indulge in an activity that will bring us pleasure. 

What makes your heart go whoopee? Is it playing the guitar, singing, reading, knitting, painting or something else? Whatever it is, it is time to go for it. If you do not know how to start, ask a caregiver for assistance. Home care providers may have some new and fun ideas. Your hobby may be something you have done most of your life or it may be something new.


Let’s talk about baking. Maybe you were the family baker. Whenever anyone needed cookies or a birthday cake, they came to you. Without thinking about it, you just whipped it up. Now, you can take the love for baking to the next step. Volunteer at a church, senior center or daycare where not only will you be creating and enjoying your craft but others will enjoy the bounty. If doing it all on your own seems overwhelming, home care providers can assist with cooking and baking projects, allowing you to keep up your kitchen endeavors and put smiles on the faces of happy grandchildren or family friends who enjoy your sweet treats.

Reading is a hobby, and maybe this is the time of your life to catch up on all those books you have wanted to read. Maybe you will choose to read books that will provide new learning skills. It is never too late to learn and to keep your brain active. You will be healthier and more alert. 

Sharing knowledge can be powerful. Share your new found hobby by volunteering in a school or a community center where young people will benefit from your wisdom.

If transportation is an issue, never fear, many communities offer transportation for senior citizens. In addition, home care providers may be an excellent source of transit to keep you active and involved in your hobbies.

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