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In Home Senior Care Provides Assistance with Personal Care

Jul 24, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

Personal care for your parent typically refers to assistance with their more intimate needs like toileting, bathing, and dressing. When we discuss in home senior care, too often it is assumed that the senior citizen is incapable of caring for themselves, and often that is not the case. In fact, if more elderly individuals received some assistance early on, they may have a healthier quality of life experience overall. 


In home senior care will begin with assessing your parent’s actual needs. If they need home care assistance with personal care, it is important to determine if this is an acute issue that can be resolved over time or if it is a chronic situation. Even chronic situations can be turned into adaptable learning situations, and tasks can be modified to fit the needs of the senior. A caregiver can help in creating a sense of independence that will be healthier for them as well as for everyone in their life.


A little exercise may increase their range of motion to allow them to participate more fully in their own care.  Whatever level of their own care they are capable of carrying out can be important to maintaining their physical and emotional health. No senior, including your parent, should feel isolated or lonely. There are many individuals that volunteer to spend their time with seniors, as well as organizations that provide community meals, socials, as well as activities and classes. In home senior care will be able to lead you to the resources that work for your loved one and your needs as well.


Sometimes it is hard to find all this information, and it is just easier to reach out and ask for help. In home senior care may be a good resource for you and your loved one. Sitting down and discussing the needs of everyone involved is the beginning of finding solutions that will work for the whole family.

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