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Professional Home Care Providers Support Family Caregivers

Jul 30, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

So, mom or dad needs home care. You promised them that they would spend their golden years in their home. You also said you would assist them with maintaining it as well as providing them whatever care they may need. However, you had no idea what it would take to be their home care providers when you agreed to this assignment. Not only do you have to maintain your home, your needs and those of your family, you now are providing care for your parent who may or may not be capable of caring for themselves. You may want to ask yourself some questions before over-committing. 

Are you are the best home care providers for your mom or dad? Can you spend 24/7 with them if they need it, and how well do you respond to emergency calls? If you are not available, do you have a backup? Lastly, are you giving up income to care for mom or dad? If so, can you afford this and if not how will you supplement it?

Professional home care providers are trained and prepared for the emotional and physical changes of the aging adult. Often they become an extension of the family, providing support and companionship for seniors and working with the other family members to make sure they are getting the support they need. Professional home care providers will help maintain the basics in the home and provide ongoing support to your loved one, bringing a better quality of life for you and your loved one when you do spend time together. Utilizing professional in home care services does not mean you are not fulfilling your promises, it means you are finding the best way to care for and support your loved one.

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