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Companion Care Offers Seniors Help In Navigating the Waters of Senior Romance

May 29, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

Companion care workers are able to help seniors as they discover the joys and challenges of late life romance. Read Article

Home Care May Also Be Travel Care

May 22, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

Successful trips take planning and organization and the home care professional is the ideal person to help a senior prepare. Read Article

Homecare Solutions for Combating High Cholesterol

May 15, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

There are a number of easily accessible treatments and effective homecare solutions to help combat high cholesterol and associated conditions. Read Article

The Benefits of Music in Dementia Care

May 8, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

The powerful relationship between music and memory can be used as a therapy for dementia care throughout the progressive stages of this devastating illness. Read Article

Home Safety Strategy from Home Care Workers

May 1, 2015 by Christal Miller-Boone

Seniors who prefer the comfort and security of their own home will have to make certain adjustments for their safety and well being as they age. While maintaining independence is a priority for seniors, preventative measures for safety must be put into place for the best possible experience at home. Read Article

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